viernes, 21 de agosto de 2015


Superficiality of impacts. I know that be delighted by a face –the attributes of that face- may seem superfluous at first instance. Moreover if it nests a lack of character, if the personality is ignored if only one virtual channel or single channel visual is the only channel of knowledge. But a simple face, although, can flap inner poetry, can give rise to feelings of fullness, not total but same fantastic. And if the sense is that accumulation of effervescence that dispenses a large collection of rational paradigms, who could deny, reject, object to someone who thinks that you, @messbrewster with your simply being, for example, have the ability to light moods although lighting moods is not in you even a remotely conscious pretension? Who could refute the individual who feels graceful to know you a certain existence, who could induce him to think otherwise, if for him, that force already slipped itself because he first was overwhelmed at see you like you are or see you managing you in the many dynamics of your everyday spontaneity? And if so immense amount of enthusiasm or poetry runs inside, how that individual would not seek, even dimly, how to return this emotional feedback? Thanking you, at first, that unconscious feeling that you generate for free -you, your resonance, or just one’s interpretations about what your face produces-; and drawing, just as a minor dessert, a portrait that captures or perhaps approaches it to kind storm that unleashes your imagined happiness. I know that an individual who simplify their speeches would say that you're cute, and well, yes, but sometimes it is worth to be more precise or extended when an unbelievable beauty disrupts our own conceptions of beauty. Best wishes! I hope you like it. @messbrewster

Anna Brewster #AnnaBrewster (ECHE ILUS)

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